About Coleman Courier

Coleman Courier was founded by Justin Coleman, to address a unique need.  To fill the gap between the major carrier and mover to provide a solution to smaller moving and transporting needs.

Our Story

Coleman Courier was founded by JustinColeman.  As a career furniture mover, Justin worked for Caton Moving & Storage, Chipman, United, Allied, Thrifty Movers & many independent contractors which got their start working for these companies.

During his career in the moving business, Justin learned that he had a natural strength for service and leadership in logistical operation.  He also excelled in customer relations and loves to serve and help people.  Just loved cultivating and maintaining relationships with customers, which is something he will definitely carry over into Coleman Courier.

As a skilled mover who still moves and delivers furniture to this day, Justin knows the importance of getting your "Stuff", where you need it to be and when you need it to be there.  After 16 years in the moving business the light bulb finally came on!!!  There are many small things whose size doesn't require a moving truck but their importance is immeasurable, and that's why he created Coleman Courier.  Whether its documents that your company needs to get to it's respondent, or maybe  it's a heart that needs to be transplanted to a needing recipient, Coleman Courier not only defies the "Service Potential" of moving and delivery companies,  but our "After Hours" service also defies time constraints that regular moving and delivery companies must adhere to.

I got in this business because I enjoy Serving, Protecting and Maintaining Relationships.  I love to see the smile on you face when you confirm that you made the right choice in service.

Let Coleman Courier work for you!


Justin Coleman

Meet the Team

Meet Justin Coleman our founder and CEO, and Valorie Sankey our Administrator.


Justin Coleman

Founder & CEO

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Valorie Sankey


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